CPR Books

CPR Books

AHA Books Requirements

CPR Books – The AHA requires all students in have an in-date provider manual or student workbook available in class. Having the reference tool for use ensures you have a study resource before, during, and after the class. 

At MedUltra Learning, BLS, ACLS, and PALS students must purchase the corresponding Provider Manual for the AHA certification course they plan to take. Heartsaver students are not required to purchase the book in advance as the Heartsaver student manual is included in MedUltra Learning’s course cost. This is an American Heart Association requirement and not a rule created for MedUltra Learning classes. The AHA mandates instructors ensure the student has the respective student manual for the class the student is completing. Because of this, your instructor will ask to see your student manual upon arrival. We will not accept non-AHA CPR books or lay provider CPR & first aid books. We will not allow photocopies of the manual as that is prohibited by the AHA and violates copyright laws. We will not accept printed summaries of course algorithms or course notes.

Books come in two formats, hard-copy or eBooks. The AHA encourages the use of eBooks, however, you do need to ensure that your electronic device is compatible. Books and eBooks must be presented at the beginning of your course to verify you have the appropriate materials. If you have elected to use the eBook, you will need to make the purchase prior to arriving to class as we will require your full attention when class begins.  AHA Product numbers and ISBN numbers for the required manual/workbook are listed below each course description.

     *Out of respect for the time of all students, we will not delay the start of class to purchase AHA products, including eBooks.

Where Can You Find Your Provider Manuals or Student Workbooks?

You can purchase the book for your discipline at the following link:

Buy Hard-Copy CPR Books and eBooks at ShopCPR

*If you prefer a hard-copy book and it will not arrive in time for your class, we have BLS books available in the classroom for purchase. Information on the book can be found in your registration email. We do not sell ACLS or PALS books onsite.

Used Books:

You can also find used books in good condition on Amazon and eBay, but please make sure you are getting your appropriate manual with the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines. We will not accept outdated books because the information within the books has changed.

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