Clases en Español

Clases en Español

Course Descriptions

Heartsaver & Basic Life Support

Family & Friends CPR (2 hrs)

This course is for people who do not need a course completion card for a job or other requirements. Family & Friends CPR class is ideal for community groups, parents, grandparents, caregivers, schools and students, and others interested in learning how to save a life. We will provide you with a student manual to take home with you after the course to review and refresh your skills even after the course is over. A course completion certificate is provided after you finish the class. This certificate will not meet employer requirements for a job or for entry into a course of study in a medical related field.

Topics covered in this CPR class are:


English Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens student handbook
  • Adult Hands Only CPR and AED Use
  • Adult CPR with Breaths
  • Mild and Severe Airway Block in Adults
  • How to Help a Choking Adult
  • Child CPR and AED Use
  • Mild and Severe Airway Block in Children
  • How to Help a Choking Child
  • Infant CPR
  • Mild and Severe Airway Block in Infants
  • How to Help a Choking Infant

Heartsaver CPR/AED y primeros auxilios en Español (8 hours)

Clases en Español – Esta clase está diseñada para personas que estén interesadas en el aprendizaje de las maniobras de  reanimación cardiopulmonar (CPR), ya sea como conocimiento general o para cumplir con algún requisito laboral.  Esta clase no está dirigida a aquellas personas que trabajan en el campo de la salud.  Si usted trabaja en el área de atención sanitaria requerirá del entrenamiento de  Soporte de Vida Básico (BLS).  Por favor verifique con su empleador o escuela cual entrenamiento va a necesitar. La clase de CPR enseña cómo saber si alguien requiere reanimación cardiopulmonar (CPR) y cómo realizar las tareas de compresión de pecho y de respiración de rescate.  También se impartirán clases de cómo utilizar un desfibrilador externo automatizado (AED).  Se les enseñará cómo realizar CPR y a utilizar el AED tanto en niños como en adultos, así como la manera de ayudar a alguien que se esté ahogando.  En la parte de primeros auxilios de esta clase, los temas a ser cubiertos incluyen: cómo mantenerse seguro cuando ayude a una persona enferma o lesionada, emergencias médicas, emergencias en caso de lesiones y emergencias ambientales.

ISBN #: 978-1-61669-578-1

Clases en Español

Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens (2 hrs)

his course meets the OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogens training when paired with site specific instruction.

This course teaches students how to protect themselves from being exposed to blood or blood containing materials and how to act quickly and safely in the event of an incident. Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens was designed for workers who might come into contact with bloodborne pathogens such as

  • Childcare workers
  • Lab workers
  • Manufacturing company workers
  • Security guards
  • Maintenance workers
  • School personnel
  • Housekeepers and custodians
  • Health and fitness club staff
  • Tattoo artists

This course is taught in 4 sections:

  • Protect
  • Act
  • Clean
  • Tell

ISBN #: 978-1-61669-427-2

Basic Life Support

Unsure whether you need Heartsaver CPR AED or Basic Life Support? Chances are, we can help you solve this problem! Basic life support is generally for the healthcare professional whereas Heartsaver CPR AED does not require medical training. If your job requires a specific course, verify the course with your employer before registering!

Advanced Life Support

If you are wondering why the ALS courses have a one and two day option, it's because the one day updates are for provider that only need a refresher on the material. If you have never taken the course before or your card has expired, you will need to take you initial, two-day course.

HeartCode Skills Sessions

Busy schedule preventing you from attending your mandated AHA update in-person? Try eLearning with the American Heart Association's online HeartCode courses! We will walk you through ordering your course with the AHA to ensure you select the class that is right for you and reserve your seat for their required Hands-On Skills Session.

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