Dental & Medical Group Program

As we learn to work around COVID-19, MedUltra Learning created a discount package for dental & medical clinics to recertify employees using the AHA’s hybrid course option, HeartCode BLS. The package is designed for affordability and flexibility while keeping employees in compliance with their CPR requirements. HeartCode BLS is the preferred way for students to recertify students that are in the health care field and allows us to follow the interim guidance from the AHA during the pandemic. The employers can select the package and can schedule any time through June 30, 2021.

Step 1:

For HeartCode BLS,  the employee would participate in the online course ($28.50; purchased separately from the AHA) at their own pace before the skills session and then complete a required hands-on skills session to practice and test afterward. The online portion also gives them access to the required student manual via eBook for two years making it the most affordable recertification process. The online course can be purchased at At the end of the online course, the student will have access to a printable certificate. This certificate serves as a “ticket to test” on the day of the required skills session. We will collect them on that date.

Step 2:

For the skills sessions, we can schedule your employees for a session after your office closes so we don’t interfere with your patient schedule. The skills session would take approximately 1-1.5 hours. The cost per student is dependent on the number of employees testing. The certification card cost is included in the skills session and all employees are also provided with a key chain face shield to safely provide breaths. We would need names (how it should be on the BLS card), phone numbers, and email addresses for all employees testing. This allows us to prefill the roster in advance and allows us to start the session on time. If payment is received the same day, we issue the cards on-site within minutes of completion and can assist your employees with obtaining the cards.
The location of the testing is dependent on the number of employees participating and the time of year. There are three options for the Skills Session, on-site, off-site, or individual:
  1. On-Site:  Groups <6 are welcome to join us in our Durham classroom at 3600 N Duke St, Suite 106, Durham NC 27704.
  2. Off-Site:  Groups >6 can have the skills session held at their facility. We can provide for up to 35 students at a time. Our preferred days for off-site sessions are Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.  We ask that we be able to arrive 30 minutes before the session begins to move our equipment in. If we are set up before the scheduled time, we will be ready to start when you are.
  3. Individual:  The employer can also use the credit in the package to send the individual employees to our weekly skills sessions that are offered in our classroom, which allows the employee to complete the session at their convenience. Open sessions can be found at Select “HeartCode BLS” under “CPR Services” and hit search

Student Discount Program

Our goal is to make learning affordable and convenient as we understand how expensive education can be and recognize the maintenance of certifications is costly. The program allows for a $15 discount for participating degree programs, which are normally $60/student. We are now offering the voucher program to all students, regardless of whether or not their program is a participant. We have a minimum of two options for traditional BLS (face-to-face). All classes are available for registration on our website, This discount does not apply to the HeartCode BLS Skills Session.

*Please be aware that if your recertification falls into the range of the chart below, you are eligible for an extension. The complete document can be reviewed here
Discounts Table
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