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Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Course Description:

PALS is designed for advanced medical providers. This class is for initial & renewal students. Course completion cards are issued upon completion of the course and are valid for two years. 

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The Science of Pediatric Resuscitation
  • CPR and AED Use in Children and Infants
  • The Systematic Approach Model
  • Secondary Assessment
  • Team Dynamics
  • Management of Respiratory Emergencies
  • Respiratory Video Case Discussions
  • Airway Management Skills Practice
  • Shock Video Case Discussions
  • Shock Skills Practice
  • Management of Arrhythmia Emergencies
  • Arrhythmia Video Case Discussions
  • Rhythm Disturbances/Electrical Therapy Skills Practice
  • Post Cardiac Arrest Care Management
  • Coping with Death Video (optional)
  • Case Scenario Practice
  • Case Scenario Testing


The two delivery methods for the PALS curriculum are listed below:

PALS (NEW version; Face-to-Face)

  • Delivery: Flipped Classroom (precourse work before face-to-face class)
  • Duration of Online Content: 4 hours
  • Duration of In-Person Session: 5 hours
  • Price: $180

In the 2020 AHA Update, a new delivery method was released for the instruction of PALS. It’s most similar to a “flipped-classroom approach” where the didactic portion is completed online before class and the in-person session is more focused on the instruction of skills, scenarios, & testing. This course requires completion of the mandatory precourse self-assessment AND completion of the mandatory precourse work (videos) before class. You can work at your own pace and the program saves your progress. There are knowledge checks embedded into the video material so we strongly encourage you to dedicate time to complete the video feed. The estimated completion time of the online portion is 4 hours and 3.0 CME.

You must complete the Precourse Self-Assessment with >80% & the PreCourse Work prior to the start of your course at

  • Please note that the Precourse Self-Assessment states a minimum score of 70%. Due to the fast-paced nature of this course when we meet in-person, we prefer for students to come prepared and familiar with the curriculum. The purpose of this assignment is to refresh your cardiac knowledge and ensure competency prior to coming to class.

You must bring a 2020 PALS Student Manual to participate. The Student Manual can be hard-copy or an eBook and must be AHA, no summaries, or “AHA-approved” documents/PDFs. Student Manuals can be purchased from an authorized AHA vendor (links below) prior to class. Please do not wait until arrival to class to attempt to purchase your eBook. We do not sell hard-copy PALS books in the classroom. We are also not permitted to library or loan students books per the AHA. If you do not have a book when you arrive to class, you cannot participate. This is an AHA rule, not just a requirement of our team.

A hard-copy of your completion certificates will be collected upon your arrival to class. If both certificates are not in-hand, you cannot participate in class. During the face-to-face session on the date scheduled above, we will review the curriculum from the video, complete skills practice and testing, and complete the course exam. The minimum score for the course exam is an 84%. All AHA classes are open source therefore you can use your Student Manual, class notes, and printed AHA algorithms. Each student has one opportunity to remediate the exam. Failure to successfully pass the exam will result in the need for the student to retake the course per the AHPA

HeartCode PALS

  • Delivery: Blended Learning/Hybrid
  • Duration of HeartCode PALS Online: 2-4 hours (length is dependent on provider strengths with content; link to purchase below)
  • Duration of In-Person Skills Session: 3 hours
  • Price: $140.00

You must complete the HeartCode PALS online prior to your testing session, however, you can register for a seat in the testing session before completion. Bring a hard-copy of the Completion Certificate with you to your skills session. We cannot test you without this certificate. If you have not yet completed the course online, you can find the link to purchase here:

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