Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 Adult Intellisense™ Defibrillation Pads

The Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5’s adult Intellisense™ pads offer built in feedback through Rescue Ready® technology to support rescuers in performing the highest quality CPR possible. By measuring the rate of compressions and correcting actions through both voice and text prompts, the G5 ensures adequate CPR. Easy to use and labelled with helpful diagrams, these pads match the quality and durability of the Powerheart® G5.


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4 in stock



  • Life span of 2 years, plus a 2 year manufacturer waranty
  • Stored pre-connected to AED to allow for rapid defibrillation
  • Non-polarized (position of pads on the torso are interchangeable)
  • Equppied with Rescue Ready® technology
  • Reascue Ready® technology communicates patient information to AED for information tracking


Use on: The adult Intellisense™ pads can be used on victims over the age of 8 or weighing more than 55 lbs (25kg).


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