Zoll AED Plus CPR-D-Padz®

Zoll’s signature CPR-D-Padz® are unique, one-piece electrodes that are easy to apply, contain Real CPR Help® feedback technology, are adujustable to fit different adult torso sizes, and have a long electrode pad shelf life.


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6 in stock



  • Longest shelf life of all AED pads on the market at 5 years
  • Stored preconnected to AED and comes with a miniature rescue kit, including scissors, towlettes, disposable gloves, and a mini-razor
  • Design of Zoll AED Plus allows for Pedi-Padz® II expiration date to be easily viewed from outside of unit, making for easy maintenance
  • Polarized pads that are all one-piece, with a signature “Z” shape that allows for easy application
  • Perforation on pads allows for adjustment to fit any patient’s torso
  • Pads work with the AED to measure compression quality and provide feedback


Use on: The adult CPR-D-Padz® can be used on victims over the age of 8 or weighing more than 55 lbs (25kg).


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