Zoll AED Plus Pedi-Padz® II

The Pedi-Padz® II are specifically designed for the Zoll AED Plus and allow for voice and text prompt when connected to a unit. They offer clear diagrams for proper pad placement, and with built-in, pediatric-specific algorithms, these traditionally shaped, two piece pads analyze the heart rhythm and automatically reduce shock energy to pediatric safe levels.


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  • Life span of 2 years
  • Zoll AED Plus automatically senses the connection of Pedi-Padz® and switch to pediatric algorithms
  • Allow for voice and text prompts
  • Don’t rely on the wires to act as the attenuator, ensuring pediatric victims receive proper energy levels in every shock
  • Design of Zoll AED Plus allows for Pedi-Padz® II expiration date to be easily viewed from outside of unit, making for easy maintenance
  • Non-polarized (position of pads on the torso/back are interchangeable)


Use on: The Zoll Pedi-Padz® II are used on victims up to 8 years of age, or those who weigh less than 55 lbs (25kg).


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