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Zoll’s AED Plus is simple, durable, and reliable. It has several unique features which allow for easy maintenance and help the rescuer perform the best possible resuscitation, such as the single piece electrode pad and an airway support device built into the lid. The Zoll Plus runs on easily accessible and low maintenance batteries that are available in stores. In addition, with specially designed CPR feedback, rescuers are effectively guided through CPR.

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Included Features (Basic Kit):

  • Fully automatic or Semi-automatic options
  • Weight and Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.7lbs and 5.25”x 9.25” x11.95”
  • Ingress Protection rating (IP)*: 5/5
  • Soft Carry Case: Included with the purchase of this AED, the soft case provides protection to the unit and includes multiple separate compartments for storage of different accessories. It also has an adjustable strap, making it easy to carry the AED.
  • Responder Pack/Rescue Kit: Included in the purchase of this AED is a bag containing any necessary extras that a rescuer might need during providing CPR. This bag includes scissors for removing clothing, a CPR mouth barrier mask with a one-way valve, a razor, nitrile gloves, and an anti-septic wipe.
  • Pads: Adult CPR-D Padz (Included in initial purchase)
    – Preconnected pads that come with a mini rescue kit
    – Polarized pads that are all one-piece, with a signature “Z” shape, that allows for easy application and a perforated adjustment to fit any patient’s torso
    – Long life span of 5 years
  • Battery: 10 Duracell Type 123 Lithium Batteries (Included in initial purchase)
    – Low maintenance, easily purchasable batteries
    – Long life span of 5 years
  • CPR Guidance:
    – Real CPR Help® technology provides the rescuer with both text and auditory prompts
    – Large graphic icons cover the surface of the AED to demonstrate the steps of CPR, and user-friendly text and voice prompts help direct the rescuer through the resuscitation process with prompts such as “Start CPR,” “Push harder,” and “Good compressions.”
    – Adaptive metronome reads the rescuer’s compression rate and will adjust it’s speed to help keep the rescuer within the recommended rate of compressions.


More/Other Features:

  • Passive Airway Support System (PASS): An assistive airway accessory built into the lid of the Zoll AED Plus. When turned over, it can serve as a support for an adult victim’s head and neck, holding the airway in the position of a head-tilt-chin-lift.
  • 5 year warranty that includes an additional 2 years with registration of the AED
  • Prescription: Included in your purchase is the cost of an AED prescription. The kit will come with an information card which the buyer will need to go over and follow instructions to set up the prescription.
  • Weekly self-testing
  • 13 second pre-shock pause
  • Readiness indicator lets you know your unit is up and running



  • Extra 10 pack of Duracell Type 123 Lithium Batteries ($79): One set of batteries is included with purchase of AED; extra batteries can be added. These batteries have a life span of 5 years.
  • Extra Adult CPR-D Padz ($177.45): One pack of Adult CPR-D Padz are included with purchase of AED; extra pads can be added. They have a life of 5 years.
  • Pediatric CPR-D Padz ($99.75): Sold separately from the Zoll AED Plus, the Pediatric pads for this unit have child-specific treatment algorithms. They have a life-span of 5 years.
  • Zoll AED Plus Mounting Bracket ($68.25): A sturdy, ergonomic wall mount design that the Zoll Plus snaps onto to be efficiently stored.
  • AED Wall Cabinet ($199): A spacious, wall mounted cabinet for storing and protecting AEDs. The cabinet is equipped with alarm and a key set that arms and disarms the alarm, and a clear front to ensure the AED is visible.
  • Extra Responder Pack/Rescue Kit ($23): One Rescue Kit is included with purchase of AED; extra kits can be added. A bag containing any necessary extras that a rescuer might need during providing CPR. This bag includes scissors for removing clothing, a CPR mouth barrier mask with a one-way valve, a razor, nitrile gloves, and an anti-septic wipe.
  • Inspection/Check Tag ($10): A 5 pack of AED inspection cards designed to stay with your AED and keep track of it’s manual inspections, battery and pad expirations and change dates, model number, and more.
  • Wall sign ($20): A durable, angular sign which attaches to and stands out from the wall to alerts rescuers of the location and presence of an AED.
  • “AED Equipped” Wall/Window Decal ($5): A 3” by 3” sticker designed to place on walls or windows so that rescuers are aware of the location of an AED.


Manufacturer Specs:


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